Beaver County Photographs

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This is a photo of Pleasant Valley School in Gate, Oklahoma (Date unknown). My grandfather, Raymonde Victor Brown attended first grade here around 1916.

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First School House, Moon School District # 23, SW of Beaver, 1907-1908 Moon School Year.
Back: Teacher, Maemye Reed, Eva Mann, Bertha Anderson, Curtis Anderson, Hazel Moon, Ira Thomas, and George Zahner.
Front: Two Pittman Boys, Earl Thomas, Cora Mann, Zoe Moon, Corrine Zehner, Mona Mann, Erma Mann, Gladys Mann.

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Ida Myrtle [WILLEY] HALSEY and son
Andrew Raymond HALSEY, born 1907 in Beaver Co.
Photograph taken in 1912.

(Wife and son of Joseph Horn HALSEY.)

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Andrew Raymond HALSEY,
born August 2, 1907 in Beaver Co.
In his Boy Scout uniform, 1914.
(Son of Joseph Horn HALSEY)

My Uncle Ray, for whom I was named,
currently lives in Perryton, Texas.

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The Oilmen, in their "Sunday Go To Meetin' Clothes"
Following the Boom Towns

Left to right: Vinton, Gene, Virgil, Rex Lawson

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Eating watermelon in the patch.
Permelia Ledbetter and family.
Beaver County, Oklahoma, 1910.


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