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According to Mr. Gibson, the cemetery is located in Bryan County Oklahoma on private property at the NE NE corner of Section 2, Township 9 South, Range 8 East. It is north of River Road between Hendrix Road and Chickasaw Road southwest of Achille, Oklahoma. The cemetery lies on private property which is currently in the possession of Mr. Gene Fritts.

He was able to match some of the names with photographs, but several of the tombstones have been damaged and others are no longer visible or have deteriorated over time. Many of the burial sites originally had unmarked stones and wooden markers which no longer exist. Generally, the cemetery is in very poor condition and several of the tombstones are buried in debris.

A cemetery layout provided by the great grandmother of Mr. Gregg Lewis, Caroline (Jefferson) Carnes, lists 118 gravesites. During his two visits, Mr. Gibson observed an additional nine tombstones and several unnamed markers.

Taken from: Bacon Springs Missionary Cemetery: Forgotten Cemetery of the Choctaws

California Street (Row 1)

Walter Gibson

Suila Gibson

Walter Gibson (child)

Lorenza Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Nevada Street (Row 2)

Rosie Johnson

Sealy Johnson

Lotie Gilmore

Tom Gilmore

Irene Gilmore

Lydia Gilmore

Utah Street (Row 3)

Ben Gibson

Emmie Gibson

Sealy Gibson

Lela Johnson

Maggie Johnson

Frank Johnson

Allen Johnson

Idaho Street (Row 4)

Maggie John

Biddie John

Patsie Johnson

Big Wiley Johnson

Lilia Louis

Montana Street (Row 5)

Jennie Jackson

Melvinnie Simmons

King Simmons

Mamie Simmons

Albert Simon

Mary Jane Simon

Ben Gilmore

Remond Gilmore

Emma Gilmore

Lesby Lewis

Lela Lewis

Infant of Jim and Nettie Bessie Lewis

Maybell Gilmore

Bud Lewis

Colorado Street (Row 6)

Dennis Henry

Mary Jackson

Viena Lewis

Jim Jackson (boy)

Hattie McCormick

Wadmon Lewis

Sarah Jane McCormack

Louis Child (Onnie)

Minnie Simon

Sim Lewis

Charlie Louis (Kan-ia-tub-bee)

Nannie Louis

Lucy Louis

Lonnie Lewis

David Wickson

Frances Jackson

Thomas Jefferson

Kitzmiller, Infant of Velma and Bob

Texas Street (Row 7)

Arkansas, Infant of Jim and Catherine

Missie Arkansas

Nora Arkansas

Orie Jefferson

Fannie Jefferson

Arizona Street (Row 8)

Lee Willis

Susie Ann Willis

John Willis

Gibson, Infant of Alex and Lottie

Alex Gibson

Lottie Gibson

Jacob Gibson

Molley Gibson

David Williamson

Imon Williamson

Mary Williamson

Tom Williamson

Emmie Williamson

Ben Williamson

Joe Williamson

Gibson, Infant of William and Rosie

Rossie Gibson

Nevada Street (Row 9)

Martin Gilmore

Able Willis

Annie Gilmore

Amanday Willis

Mary Willis

Oklahoma Street (Row 10)

Eleyars Jackson

Ada Gibson

Amy Gibson

Alice Gibson

Jacob Gibson

Lucy Gibson

Snowden Gibson

Lonnie Thompson

Sidney Thompson

Wilkerson Child

Wilkerson Child

Kansas Street (Row 11)

Billie Jack

Leana Johnson

Ernest Johnson

Mary Jane Jack

Walter Jackson

Biggie Jackson

Tyler Johnson

Nojie Johnson (mother)

Nojie Johnson (baby)

Mexican Baby

Missouri Street (Row 12)

Onnie Lewis

Mary Simon

Wallace Johnson

Tommie Johnson

Gibson, Willie and Mollie (child)

Gibson, Willie and Mollie (child)

Gibson, Willie and Mollie (child)

Emon Gibson

Mike Gibson

Wesley Gibson

Willie Gibson

Additional names which are not listed above, but markers exist are:

J. D. Lewis

Marslina Gibson

Immen Gibson

Jimmy Gibson

Jefferson (No First Name)

Emmie Gibson

Ruth Lewis

Orene Lewis

Wilkerson (No First Name)

Catherine (No Last Name)

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