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From The Desk of Chief Pyle
RE: Code Talkers Recognition Act (S 1035 and H.R. 4597)
April 2006

The valor and distinction with which members of the Choctaw Nation served this country in the military is a source of immense pride for us all. Now the U.S. Congress has an opportunity to officially honor the sacrifice of our ancestors whose duties included being Code Talkers. I need your help to encourage support and co-sponsorship from your United States Representatives.

As you may know, the Code Talkers Recognition Act (S 1035 and H.R. 4597) is currently circulating through Congress. This act formally recognizes the efforst of the WWI Choctaw volunteers who thwarted German code breakers from communicating American strategy using our native langauage. Choctaws and soldiers from other tribes were used again in WWII to transmit messages in tribal words. The Code Talkers Recognition Act acknowledges their scarifice and orders the minting of a commemorative medal. Their service was invaluable, and the medal represents an overdue and deserved honor.

Though this comes as great news, it is not sufficient to simply introduce a bill and await its passage. In order to see action on the Code Talkers Recognition Act, we as a Nation must present Congress with a unified and convincing message.

The bills currently have several co-sponsors. It is imperative that you let your member of Congress know of your support for these measures. This will create awareness on Capitol Hill and will in turn give momentum to our purpose.

Chief Gergory E. Pyle, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma