McAlvain, Polk and Florence Alice

Bottom left is Florence Alice  born March 22, 1892 in Sugar Loaf County, Choctaw Nation. Top is her mother, Louisa Matilda Bowers, born June 17, 1863 in Grainger County, Tennessee. Far Right is  McAlvain, enrolled Choctaw #6445, son of Benjamin McKelvain of Kemper County, Mississippi and a Choctaw woman named Mary (who was the daughter of Emehahtubee), Emoklasha Clan.

The area where the picture was taken is present day Leflore County, Oklahoma and the township was called Kennedy/Kennady, after John Kennedy, the first postmaster, whose daughter Minnie was Louisa Bowers McAlvain's sister-in-law by her marriage to David T. Bowers. Submitted by