Choctaw Nation
District 1 - May 1901

Source:  Microfilm  CTN75 87  
Available at the Oklahoma Historical Society


Two reports addressed to Supt. John Benedict of Muskogee, I.T. from Calvin Ballard.

List of Teachers in the District 
December 7, 1901  

Teacher's Name

Charles P. Abbott
R.S. Baker
Frankie Benson
Washinton Berry
L.D. Bohanan
George L. Branson
Belle Carney
Allen Carter
Mattie Collins
T. Cummings
J.H. Dickinson
Frank Dietrich (relieved)
Marie Edwards
Louvena Fronterhouse
William Gay
Hubert B. Marshall
Luey Hatcher
H.D. Hoffman
Lou Holdsworth
Mrs. Ron Hynson
Sinklie Marshall
Samuel P. McMinn
Gus Merriman
Sallie Nash
A. Neely
Grace Peak
O.D. Owen
Clara Redman
E.L. Rodman
Maye Sparks
Lucy Thomas
I.T. Underwood
Bertha Whitehead

Correspondence June 1902 between Mr. Benedict and Calvin Ballard naming teachers who were once employed or still employed in the Choctaw Nation and their whereabouts.

Nettie Diggs - Moved to Sheldon, MO.
Sue M. Oakes - Gravin, I. T.
Sue Brown - McAlester, I. T.
Margaret Mitchell - 127 Haskell Ave. Kansas City, KS.
John L. Elder - Left Wheelock April 22, 1902, whereabouts unknown
Superintendant Appleton - Wheelock