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This page contains all the cemeteries of Garfield County. I will try to update this page as information comes in.
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Baldwin - Olive Township
Located four (4) miles south and four (4) miles east of Garber, Oklahoma

Banner Hill - Banner Township
Located from Carrier, Oklahoma one (1) mile south on State Highway 132, four (4) miles east on county road on the south side of road.

Calvary Cemetery

Bethany - Enid Township
Located two (2) miles south on 81 highway from highway 60 in Enid, Oklahoma and four and half (4 1/2) miles east on county road

Located six (6) miles south of Covington, Oklahoma on highway 74

Black Bear Cemetery - Olive Township
Located 5 miles north and 4.5 miles east of Covington on the north side of the road in Olive Township.

Collett - Patterson Township

Covington - Otter Township
Located half (1/2) mile south of the city of Covington on highway 74

Del Norte - Sheriden Township
Located 2 miles south of the north part of Drummond and West 1 miles on the south side of the county road.

Douglas Union - Otter Township (NEW)
Located mile east of Douglas, Oklahoma

Ebenezer - Marshall Township
Location: Road Directions on State Highway 74 south side of Covington south 8 Miles, east 5 miles on county road south 1 mile, east 1 miles on north side of road.

Enid Calvary - Enid Township
Located at 212 West Willow, Enid, Oklahoma

Enid Cemetery - Enid Township
Located at 212 West Willow, Enid, Oklahoma

Enid Memorial - Enid Township

Garber - Allison Township
Located one mile east of highway 74 in Garber, Oklahoma

Hackberry - Hackberry Township
Located 3 miles east and mile of north side of Waukomis

Hayward - Wood Township
Located of a mile west of Hayward, Oklahoma

Heithold - Blaine Township
Located 6 miles north and 4 miles east of Garber on highway No. 15

Hillsdale - Keowee Township
Located of a mile east of Hillsdale on North side of Road

Imo - Sheriden Township
Legal Description T-21N-R 8W- Sec. 2

Kremlin - Kremlin Township
1 mile East of Kremlin on South Side

Landes - Family Lot-Wood Township
Located in the South East corner of the South East (Section 25 Wood Township 21 North Range 3 West)

Lubbers - Marshall Township
From the east line of the County on Old Highway 64, 4 miles South on theWest side of the road. (1/2 of mile and 3 miles south of Lucien, Oklahoma)

Lutheran - Breckenridge - Union Township
Located of a mile west and 2 miles north of Breckenridge, Oklahoma

Luthern - Garger - Lincoln Township
Located 2 miles south of Garber on state highway 74 west miles on north side of county road.

McKinley-Congregational - McKinley Township
Located from Hillsdale, Oklahoma 1 mile north and 4 miles west in the North East of the North East of section 9.

Memorial Park Cemetery - Enid, Oklahoma

Mennonite Brethren Church-Lahoma - Hobart Township
Located 2 miles north of Lahoma on east side of road

Mennonite Brethren Church- Enid - North Enid Township
Located 1 mile north of Enid on federal highway no 81 and of a mile east on north side of road.

Miller Cemetery - Garfield County, Oklahoma

North Marshall I.O.O.F. - Reed Township
Located 5 miles South and 2 miles East of Douglas, Oklahoma

Paradise - Union Township
Located 1 miles east of Breckenridge, Oklahoma

Pleasant Valley - Flynn Township
Located 7 miles east of the south side of Waukomis and 3 miles south on the east side of the road

Rosehill - Hobart Township
Legal Description: Hobart Township Section 11, T. 23 North. Range 8 West

Sample - Wood Township
Located 6 miles east of Covington. From Covington, go north out of town on OK-74. At the first country road, turn right. Drive six miles. Sample Cemetery is on the right hand side at the intersection; to see the gate, turn right at the intersection and you'll see the entrance. (Sample Cemetery Association, Perry, Oklahoma -- 580-336-3307.)

St. John Lutheran - Olive Township
Located 2 miles north, 2 miles east and mile north of Covington Oklahoma

St. Joseph Catholic - Osborn Township
Located near Bison, Oklahoma Legal Description: T-20N. R6W Sec 29 Township Osborn

Sunny Side - Logan Township
Located 1 mile west of highway 132 and 1 miles south

Trinity Lutheran - Logan Township
Located 3 miles east of Lahoma on highway 60, north 2 miles on the west dise is a church and cemetery.

Waukomis - Waukomis Township
Located 3 miles west of US-81 on Drummond Road.

Wesley M.E. Chapel (Old) - Logan Township
Location 2 miles North and 1/2 mile East of Lahoma, Oklahoma

White - Noble Township
Located 1 mile north and miles west of Hunter, Oklahoma

Zion Lutheran-Fairmont - Patterson Township
Legal Description: T22N-R5W-Sec. 21 Patterson Township

Zion Lutheran-Lahoma - Hobart Township
Legal Description: T-23N-R8W-Sec. 31 Hobart Township

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