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Aaron Seeking information on the following Aarons: Oscar, Stanley, David, R.C., Joel, Edward, Kenneth, Leon. Thanks!
Atkins/Patton Olen Dale Atkins, married Doris Virginia Patton. Do not know if they were married there or not, anyone have a date or time line, or marriage record? Thanks
Barr I am trying to help my son with his Indian heritage. I am looking for information regarding the lady's first name or full name that was married to Raymond Barr. She had three sons named George, Earl LaRoy (Roy) and Oscar. Daughter's name Sandy. I was told that she was buried in the Idabel area. I appreciate anyone that has any information to please contact me. Thank You.

Hazel I. Cook Snider, b. 29 may 1922 in Stamps, Lafayette, AR, d. 13 Jun 2003 Idabel, McCurtain, OK. She was married to Joe Henry Snider.

Her mother was Carrie Dora Rushton Cook of Stamps, Lafayette, AR, but there is conflicting information as to the name of her father. I'm hoping an obituary might clear this issue up for me. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

Battiest Looking for information on my great great grandpa who was married to Henrietta Battiest. I am trying to find out his native heritage. He was born in Idabel Oklahoma in and he has a son name Edward Battiest.
Blacksher I am looking for information on my grandmother Elizabeth Lois Jean Blacksher. She was born in Idabel, Oklahoma to Janie Carr on February 20,1938.
Bohanon Betty Potter (need email) Trying to find information on two brothers that lived in McCurtain Co. Elmer Bohanon M. Sena Pettyjohn and George D. Bohanon. George was shot and killed there in 1930-39's. In the 1930 Census Elmer and Sena are # 1 with a infant son Jimmy R. George is living w/Tommy Little and his Mother Anna and Betty J. Little. Anna remarried Tommy Little after her husband filed for divorce in Mills C. Texas in 1905. Any info on these families would be so app.
Brewer/Williams I am looking for info. on Audie or Aughty Thomas Williams and on Lou or Lulla Brewer. ANY info will be appreciated!
Breedlove/Morgan We are searching for Breedlove line, lived in Tom and McCurtain County, also Simon Morgan. Breedloves had blindness in the family any info will help.
Burch Lewis Burch, wife Eliza, they moved from Laurens county GA some where around 1917, they had the following children that I know of: Ollie, Henrietta, Hardy, Sarah, McKinley, Sidney, Gripp, Luping, Elvenia,Clara, I am told that Clara later moved to Detriot after college, I will be greatful for any information. Christine
Caldwell/Paine I am seeking information on a Philean Caldwell who married Choctaw Eliza Paine and had a baby boy Willie in 1872. Willie was place in Indian Boarding school and never heard from the father.
Cody I am Looking into the Cody Family, trying to find some family history. My uncle lived in Moon, Oklahoma. He has passed on.His name was Junior Cody,He had 2 daughters and 2 sons.I am looking for information on my grandmother Elizabeth Lois Jean Blacksher. She was born in Idabel, Oklahoma to Janie Carr on February 20,1938.
Cook, Snider Seeking burial location and obituary data for a late, distant cousin of mine. Hazel I. Cook Snider, b. 29 may 1922 in Stamps, Lafayette, AR, d. 13 Jun 2003 Idabel, McCurtain, OK. She was married to Joe Henry Snider. Her mother was Carrie Dora Rushton Cook of Stamps, Lafayette, AR, but there is conflicting information as to the name of her father. I'm hoping an obituary might clear this issue up for me. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.
Cooper I'm looking for a Cooper who married Lillian McAfee. She was a single, public school teacher & a boarder when the 1930 census was taken in McCurtain Co. She was b. SEP 1906, d. 2001 according to the Social Security Death Index. Her father was Andrew Milton McAfee. The McAfee family lived in Choctaw Co., OK, when the 1910 & 1920 censuses were taken. A descendant of her brother said she married a Cooper so that's all the info I have on him.
Dale Seeking first marriage of Lenora Jean Dale to Unknown. They had a son William Duane Unknown born 11 Jan 1948 in Idabel, Ok. William Duane was adopted by Leona's second husband James Q Kurz.
Daniels Seeking information on Susie (Susan) Annie Daniels, born 1872 in Mississippi.
Dean/Deen I am searching for my g-grandfather, James W Deen/Dean. He had 3 sons in McCurtain Co, William Oscar, Hillie and Felix. They were on the 1920 census. James W was living with Hillie and his wife Lillie in the Frisco Township. They had lived in Bowie County TX prior to moving to OK. I am trying to find out when James died and where he is buried and any other information on family members still living in the area.
Earnest, Hambrick Burl Earnest (b.1890) and the Hambrick twins, Bessie & Essie b. 1910 Red River County Texas.
Bessie Hambrick married Lee Ray Mabary, prob. in McCurtain County before 1928. Her parents were Isaac Hambrick (1876AR-after 1920 prob. McCurtain Co. OK) and his first wife, Margaret LNU (b. 1877 d. 1910 TX).
In the 1920 McCurtain Co. OK census, Bessie and Essie are at home with their siblings, their father, and a step-mother, Sallie LNU, b. 1883 (same year as Burrel and Ada's dau "J.F."?). Burrel Earnest (1849-1924, his wife Ada, and son Burl are also in McCurtain Co OK in 1920.
In the 1930 McCurtain Co. OK census, Isaac and Sallie Hambrick are not to be found, Bessie was already married, and her twin Essie Hambrick is in the household of BURL EARNEST (b. 1890), relationship NIECE. Burl's dau Lois and his mother Ada LNU, who is widowed, are also in household.
How were Bessie and Essie Hambrick the nieces of Burl Earnest?
Elrod I am looking for an obituary on one or both of these people Annabell Elrod or James Hulbert Elrod. She died 6/19/1975 and he died 11/20/1981 I would also like to find an obituary on Jim (possibly under James) Elrod who died 2/23/1998 Would anyone be able to assist with this information?
Faglie I am looking for information on Leroy Faglie who was born in Texas,married Mary belle Pickett or Maybell Pickett. I have information that he died at Broken Bow but, I can't find any information on him. He died Aug.15 1915 in Oklahoma. I would appreciate any information you could give me.I am also looking for information on their children or grandchildren.
Fallis I am looking for any one with information on Birlie Fallis, George Fallis, Velora Fallis,Claude Fallis, I am Birlie's daughter and I am looking for any relatives that might know something of our ancestors and our Indian Heritage.
Ghoing/McClure looking to talk with relatives of Dixon McClure. He had a half brother Ben Ghoing. What happened to him?
Hamby I am looking for information about my father Carl Franklin Hamby. My father was born 15 July 1915 in Haworth, Ok. His mother was Jennie Orah Gassaway. She died 30 July 1919 and is buried in Shamrock, Ok. His father was William Franklin Hamby. Both of his parents died when he was quite young. He was raised by his aunt Fredonia Belle (Gassaway) Payne in Mississippi. After living with his aunt's family he changed his last name from Hamby to Payne. Don't know the year. However, he was not adopted legally by the Payne's. I need more information about my Grandfather William Franklin Hamby or Frank Hamby as he was called. Specifically, I need information like birth and death dates and locations if available. Any leads would be great. has virtually nothing on him. The only thing I know is that he was born in about 1872. Thanks for any help you could offer.
Hunnicutt/Honeycut Thomas C. Hunnicutt/Honeycut had sons, Huston Hunnicutt born 1883 and Gip Hunnicutt born 1885, who lived in McCurtain Co., OK. Seeking any information about them and especially descendants. Thomas' last wife Caldonia D. White Hunnicutt married Hiram Taylor Conway in Idabel in 1908. Would like info about them as well.
Ingram Any info on Tillman Ingram. He was born around 1876-1880 in Mississippi and was married to a Vera Magee. Last account he was living in Idabel in 1950.
Jackson Looking for information on Joseph F. Jackson, buried in Glover Cemetery. Tombstone reads Joseph F Jackson pvt 28 us Inf March 23, 1928. Married to Lucinda Posey. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
James I am looking for information on Elizabeth "Lizzie" Patterson James. She is buried in Holly Creek Cemetery and was married to Joe James. She died in 1912 after giving birth to her third child. Anyone having information on Lizzie James please contact me.
Kennedy/Martin/McClung I am searching for a friend who is trying to trace his Indian heritage. His mother's name is Betty Jean. Her birth surname was Kennedy and at her death it was Martin. I know she was born in Broken Bow on 12/7/1933 and died there in 1970. One of her husbands was Kenneth McClung. She herself was at least half Cherokee and I am trying to find her parents names. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.
Lesley/Leslie I am looking for a Evelyn Lesley or Leslie. She was married to Jim. They lived in this area about 10-15 years ago.
Marrs/Tweedy I have run into a road block on my husbands family tree - I am trying to find the name of Cecil Marrs father. Cecil was born 9 Oct 1895 in Arkansas - his mother was Celia (Selah) Tweedy (b 1876). Cecil passed away 15 Aug 1968 in McCurtain County OK. Any help is much appreciated.
Mitchell Looking for family of Woodrow Wilson Mitchell. Father named J.R. Mitchell, married Ida Lena Wright around 1930-1932. Had brothers named Tom and Charles. Any info please contact me.
Moore Looking for information on Enoch Moore.
Murphy Ernest Murphy, born July 10, 1892 in Arkansas, He died September 17, 1974 in McCurtain Co., OK - He was married to Susie Gardner. He was the son of James Franklin Murphy and his wife Julia Haynes Murphy.
Researching Family, Need their descendants etc.
Pate I am researching Edward M. Pate from AR. He was in the Indian Territory in the 1900 census. He was in McCurtain in 1920. I found an E. M. Pate buried in the Wright Cem and by the dates it said Obit. I am trying to locate this obit. He was born in AR in 1867 and died July 22, 1932. Would appreciate any help with this individual.
Poe I am seeking any information on Benjamin Franklin Poe; he was nicknamed "Jack". His father was Alex Poe and his mother was Elizabeth Thomas Poe. Jack was born in about 1912. Jack had two brothers of which I do not know their names. I believe that he was part native American (Perhaps Choctaw).
Reppond Looking for any information on Reppond family members, especially Jefferson Anderson Reppond.
Savell I'm looking for anyone who is related to Victor Joseph SAVELL 1929-2000(buried at Tom Cemetery)or to Donna Fay PERKINS. Joseph's son: Morris Edward Savell married Donna Fay Perkins--1984--unknown when divorced.They had several children; which I know was given up for adoption.
Scott Looking for information on John F. Scott, born March 1879 in Arkansas. Lived in Frisco, OK according to the 1920 and 1930 US Census. Was living in Tom in 1937. Don't know what happened to him or where he went beyond that. Would like to know where he is buried, his death date, any assistance would be appreciated.
Scott/Holder Searching for any information on James "Jim" Marion Scott or Zola Frances Scott (Holder). Jim Scott was born 1 Jun 1914 unknown location in Oklahoma and married to Zola sometime in 1939. Zola was born 20 Jun 1924, in unknown location in Arkansas to Nannie Marie (Bateman) Holder who was born on 14 Dec 1893 in Colen Texas and to Frank W Holder born on Feb 1891 in Indian Nation Oklahoma
Shaffer I am searching for the family of William Henry Shaffer,son of William Monroe Shaffer (my grandfather's uncle). I will reply & share family history.
Simmons I am looking for a birth or marriage date for Ozeda Simmons b: 1914 she lived in Frisco 1930.
Smith I am searching for Frank Allen Smith (Francis). Born March 25, 1845 in KY and died August 26, 1911 at Garvin, McCurtain Co. Frank and his family are on the 1910 Census at Garvin, OK. Frank is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, at Garvin, but can not find his grave there. First Wife: Elizabeth Brown Born: GA Died: March 7, 1894 at Sulphur Springs, OK Children: Erric Smith born: Dec 10, 1886. Died: Jan. 1, 1887 William Henry Harrison Smith born:March 24, 1889 died: March 11, 1891 Lee Roy Smith born: July 14 1891 died: Nov.12, 1959 Johnnie Ernnie Smith born March 7, 1894Died: Mar 7, March 7, 1894 Sulphur Springs 2nd Wife: Eliza Jeter Born;Aug 21, 1874 in MS.Died Jan 17, 1933. Children: Mattie Born: Dec 8, 1896 Died: Jan 8, 1974 Cora Born: Oct 9, 1899 Died: Dec 15, 1971 Mary Ellen Born: Fev 2, 1902 Died: June 7, 1964 Jack Born: Jan 16, 1904 Died: March 13,1980 Francis Marion Born: 1909 Died: 1915 McCurtain Co. I have not found them prior to 1910, but family history states they were in Choctaw Nation during 1890-1910. If anyone has any information it would gladly be appreciated.
Steadman I am searching for information on John Steadman who died in McCurtain Hospital in 1973. He is a brother to our grandmother, Bettie Steadham Flud, and we would like to compare information about parents and their migration patterns between Texas and Oklahoma in the early 1900's. Thanks
Stephens I was told that John Harvey Stephens was buried in the Waterhole Cemetery in McCurtain Co. in the year 1946. He is my Grandfather and I cannot find any records of his death or burial. If someone familiar with the Waterhole Cemetery could let me know if this is correct, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Sullivan Looking for any information on James A. Sullivan who was in Frisco, McCurtain Co. in 1920. I believe he died there in 1924. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Tucker Searching for Frank Tucker and wife Cordelia "Scrap" Martin Tucker. Were on 1900 census in IT and had children. She died about 1907-1908, place unknown, probably around Harris. He died later, date and place unknown.
Walker I am looking for any information on a George W. Walker that lived in McCurtain County for several years He had a wife by the name of Miriam I. He was born 1853 died sometime around the 1930's. I am seeking information on siblings and parents. Thank you.
Wells Looking for any information regarding the line of Albert Lonzo "Dutch" Wells from the Beavers Bend/Hochatown area of McCurtain County.
Whisenhunt Seeking any information about the Whisenhunt family.
Whitten I would like to communicate with any and all Whitten and related family lines of McCurtain County. All correspondence will be answered.
Wilmoth Seeking information and descendants of the families of John Robert Wilmoth and Maggie Kennedy and Rosa Ann Wilmoth Pyron Mathews, who I believe may be John and Maggie's daughter.
Wilson I am looking for information on Choctaw Kitsie Brown who married Charley(Jerry) Wilson gave birth to a boy named Green Wilson and in the 1910 census she is a widow without the child living with her father Eastman Brown. Charley Wilson was my husbands relative and what happen to the child.
Young Looking for information regarding John Calvin and Myrtle (PATTERSON) YOUNG. Myrtle YOUNG died in Broken Bow on June 15, 1971.

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