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Mora County ... The Early Years

Before Spanish conquest Mora County was primarily Indian Country, Mora Valley having been used by the Utes, Navajos, and the Apaches. After Spanish conquest, it was primarily a travelway for Spanish explorers and was not really settled until the beginning of the 19th Century.

The earliest records of Mora County come from 1817 when a group of settlers from San Juan de los Caballeros petitioned the Catholic Church. They had wanted a church to be built in Lo de Mora, the former name of Mora County.

28 September 1835

Albino Pérez, Governor of New Mexico Territory gave over 800,000 acres of land to 25 families.

Original Grantees of Mora County :

Juan Lorenzo Alico Carmen Arce Jose Maestas Archuleta Manuel Arguella Felipe Arguello
Francisco Arguello Miguel Arguella Felipe Carbajal Francisco Coven Juan B. Cruz
Jose Maria Garcia Juan Antonio Garcia Miguel Garcia Tomas Encarnacion Garcia Ignacio Gonzalez
Francisco Lara Gabriel Lujan Jose Ignacio Madrid Bernardo Martin Geronimo Martin
Manuel Gregorio Martin Miguel Mascarenas Cruz Medina Cecilio Montano Jose Guadalupe Ortega
Manuel Paez Miguel Paez Ildefonso Pacheco Jose Miguel Pacheco Mateo Ringinel
Carlos Rinto Carlos Salazar Maria Dolores Sanches Francisco Sandoval Manuel Sanchez
Fracisco Sena Manuel Suazo Jose Tapia Antonio Alba Trujillo Juan Cristobal Trujillo
Juan Trujillo Esteban Valdez

Mora: 1835-1900

1837: The Revolt of 1837- The government of Governor Albino Pérez was overthrown.

1846-1848: During the Mexican-American War, there was a revolt in 1847, led by Manuel Cortez and Pablo Montoya. The result was Governor Charles Bent being killed in Taos, 19 January 1847. On that same date a group of traders passing through were also killed.

1860: 01 February- Mora County was offically formed from parts of Taos and San Miguel Counties, making it roughly twice the size of its current size. Shortly after the county was shrunk.

1895 Map of Mora County

1900: By 1900, Mora County had been reduced to almost its current size, the left over eastern portion having been added to neighboring Harding County.

Mora County Today

Today Mora County, in the heart of high country, offers many hunting, fishing and ranching areas, has a population of 5, 180 (2000) with a total area of 1,933 square miles.

The county seat is Mora:

Mora County Courthouse
PO BOX 360
Mora, New Mexico 87732
(505) 387-1448
(505) 387-9022 (Fax)

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