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To obtain a copy of anyone of the below mentioned publications please send your order along with payment to the above address. Thanks!

1870 Yell County Arkansas Census, $ 23.00 pp

1880 Yell County Arkansas Census, $ 23.00 pp

Veterans of Yell County and Arkansas

Marriages of Yell County Arkansas, 1831-1900, $ 28.00 pp

History of Yell County, Volume 1, by Mr. Wayne Banks, $ 28.00 pp

History of Yell County, Volume 2, by Mr. Wayne Banks (No longer in print.)

History of the Arkansas River Valley in the 1800s (No longer in print.)

Yell County Heritage (No longer in print.)

Remember-----When, by Cornelia Daniels (No longer in print.)

Yell County Obituaries, Vol. 2 (No longer in print.)

History of Ola (No longer in print.)

Roots and Sprouts, The Grace Line, by Mary Grace (No longer in print.)

The Masters Family (No longer in print.)

Back Issues of Bulletins, by issue, year & number $ 7.00 pp

Set for a given year, $ 20.00 pp

CEMETERIES OF YELL CO., VOL. 1:Abbot Grove, Alexander-Scott, Atkins,Ballew Family, Plot, Barnett Chapel, Bethel (Dardanelle) Bluffton, BriggsMemorial, Callan, Canada Family, Carter, Carter Family (Harkey Valley Rd.),Chalybeate Springs, Davis Family, Earl or English, Egypt, Foster Family,Galla Rock (now in Pope Co.), Green or Fox, Howell (Black), Havana (City),Hindly Family, Hunts Chapel, Ingram, Jean, Johnson Family, Johnson-Morrow,Keener (Tom Family), Killian, Kimbrough-Noblett, Lee, Lost Cemetery by Millard Simmons, Lower Spring Creek, May (Logan Co.), McAnnally, McBride,McCarroll Family, Macedonia, Micheals Switch or Red Lick, Mitchell Family,Mt. Pleasant, Moore’s Chapel, Moss Creek, Molder, Mozie, Old Shark, OneLonely Grave, Old Baptist, Piney Fork or Possum Trot, Piney (Waveland),Pleasant Valley, Red Hill, Riley Creek, Rock Creek, russell, Sandlin (Ola),Salem, Ship, Shott, Sides Family, Smith, Smith Family, Thompson, Underwood,Valentine, Walker, Waltreak, Wiseman Family, Wilson, Young-Gravely,Zorn-Hunt $28.00pp

CEMETERIES OF YELL CO., VOL. 2: Aly, Archer, Banks, Bata Mills, Ben,Birta, Blackwell (Family), Blagg, Buckman, Bumgarner, Carpenter (Family),Chickalah Hill, Chickalah Methodist, Chula, Cole, Danville (City),Dale(Family), Dr. J.B. Foster, Dimmitt, Dry Fork, Earl Ladd, Fulton, Gibson,Gleason, Hale, Hames, Hames (near Onyx), Harkey’s Valley, Harris, Heck,Hogan, Johnson Family (Logan Co.), Louvenia, Lynch, Logan, McReynolds (LoganCo.), Mobley, Moore’s Hill, Mt. George, Mt. Nebo, or Oak Ridge, Mountain Springs, Mt. Zion, Mt. Zion (Dardanelle), Nebo (Waltreak), New Bethel,Nooner, Norris Town, Oak Grove, Oakley (Ranger), Pyne, Pettilo Hill,Pledger, Pound, Ringer, Shepherd, Stafford, Shed, Slaty Crossing (Catholic),Stinnett, Sunlight, Sulphur Springs, Tate (Family), Upper Spring Creek,Utely $28.00pp

CEMETERIES OF YELL CO. VOL 3: Ard, Aunt Dilly’s or Welcome Home (Pery Co.),Brearley, Brearley Memorial Park, Bryant’s Cove (Conway Co.), Dacus, Durvin,Elizabeth Hall (Logan Co.), Fitch or Fawbus (Perry Co.), Garrison (Logan Co.), Grace or Thomas, Graves (Logan Co.), Hamilton (Perry Co.), Needmore (Yell-Perry Co. Line), New Hope, Norris Town (Part), Rawhide Ridge,Oakland, Sugar Grove (Logan Co.), Sweet Home (Black), Rogers or Liberty (Yell-Logan Co. Line), Maps-Cemeteries-Blue Mountain & Nimrod Lakes. (No longer in print.)

The Yell County Historical & Genealogical Society also has a CD available with Yell County Obituaries.

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